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Woman pulls man's privates over $15

13 years ago | 13378 Views
NEXT time you owe a woman money, be sure to wear some armor on your crotch.

A man from Emakhandeni was pulled by his manhood over a distance of 50 meters after failing to pay $15 he owed a woman identified as Nobantu Ndlovu.

B-Metro gathered that the man in question, Alexandra Zarima failed to pay money he owed Ndlovu. It is alleged that Ndlovu could not stomach another excuse from Alexandra hence she resorted to pulling him by his manhood to force him to pay his debts.

Residents who spoke to this publication and requested anonymity in fear of being victimised revealed that an angry Ndlovu warned Zarima beforehand that if he failed to pay she would grab him by his jewels.

Those who witnessed the ‘match’ between Zarima and Ndlovu claim that Ndlovu was screaming profanities during the confrontation and she kept on repeating ‘ngizakubamba ngaphakathi’ (I will grab your private parts) .

When contacted for comment Ndlovu said that Zarima was the one who started the fight and she was only protecting herself.

“He (Alexandra) could not pay my money so I tried to take my rods back and that’s when he grabbed me by the hand and hit me with two heavy blows causing my mouth to swell” said Ndlovu.

Zarima however had a different version, he claims it was self defense as Ndlovu was the one who started acting like a deranged woman and he does not understand why she infuriated over $15 when he had told her that he did not have the money at the time.

“She started grabbing things and sent a metal object flying across my face but I did not hit her back ,the final blow was when she grabbed my private parts, that’s when I beat her up,” said Zarima.

“I spent a night in the cells but when I finally got released NaMusa (Ndlovu) came with her husband who was clearly drunk with fury and threatened to beat me up” he added.
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Anonymous user 13 years
umama lo madoda engabamba izebhedi zenye indoda yena eleyakhe!
Anonymous user 11 years
Next time don't owe women their mullah coz !!! you know what happens!!!!!!!!
Anonymous user 11 years
this is crazy shit
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