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Men queue for sex with seven months prostitues

13 years ago | 8095 Views
A seven months heavy with child lady of the night is reported to be causing chaos at a city night club as men are competing to hire her.
The woman, who identified herself as Eliza confirmed that she was pregnant and of late she was getting more clients than her colleagues as men claim that pregnant women are ‘hot’.
“I am pregnant and just because the person who impregnated me is refusing to act responsibly, I am forced to go and work. I am tired and can not do this any longer but my mother is forcing me to go every night saying I should make preparations for the baby.
“Now I have more enemies than friends as my nights are busy with more men preferring to hire me. It seems they believe pregnant women are hot,” she said.
Eliza revealed that she was no longer in good books with her mother.
“I do not understand why my mother is joining some women who are jealous of me because by making more money it means fewer problems for both of us as we stay together.
“Short time now costs $5 and just imagine how many clients I serve in a night, I have never been this busy ever since I joined this business,” she said.
One man who spoke on condition of anonymity said that he has always been the woman’s customer, but now the lady was untouchable as she seems to be on demand.
“I have always been Eliza’s customer, but now that she is pregnant, she even refuses when I offer her $3. I love that prostitute of mine and seeing her operate while she is seven months pregnant is something else though I would love to have her for the whole night,” he said.
Eliza’s mother refused to comment saying, “What do you want to do with what happens in our private lives? Okay we are ladies of the night, you can write that,” she said before cutting the phone.
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