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Man stills wife's urine for a pregnancy test

13 years ago | 10424 Views
THERE was chaos at a house in the usually serene Suburbs when a 28-year-old man battered his wife and struck her face against a brick wall after the latter accused her hubby of allegedly ‘tempering’ with her life after he ‘nicodemously’ took her urine to the hospital for pregnancy testing.
The comical incident, which seems to have been posted on the popular social networking site, Facebook occurred at Number 18 Clark Road after the man suspected that his wife was trying to abort the fruits of his all night sweat job.
Circumstances are that on 12 October at around 7 pm Polite Bukosi Ndlovu suspected that his wife Natasha Muzire (26) was pregnant but was refusing to let the cat out of the bag as she was reportedly planning to abort the pregnancy.
Ndlovu who is employed as a caretaker at United Bulawayo Hospitals hatched a plan to ‘steal’ his wife’s urine for pregnancy testing at his workplace.
It is reported that prior to hatching the plan Muzire had repeatedly denied the claims that her stomach was growing big because of Ndlovu’s sperms.
The alleged child hopeful Ndlovu’s prayers were later answered when he reportedly got hold of his wife’s urine and took it to his workplace for pregnancy test.
It is further reported on the day in question which he took the urine, at around 10 pm he came back home with the results confirming that Muzire was indeed pregnant.
In a bid that his wife should not be the replica of the Biblical doubting Thomas, Ndlovu gave her the results to see for herself that she was carrying his ‘baby’.
After some minutes the proud father in the making reportedly demanded the results back for safekeeping but his wife refused saying he took her urine without her consent.
Witchcraft accusations reportedly took centre stage when Muzire started accusing her husband of trying to ‘temper’ with her life as he had nicodemously taken her urine.
This was an accusation Ndlovu found hard to fathom when he allegedly started assaulting his better half with fists on the face several times.
Perhaps in a bid to teach the foul mouthing Muzire a hard lesson he reportedly pushed her and struck her face twice against a brick wall.
Muzire after the attack went and reported the matter to the police leading to Ndlovu’s arrest.
Ndlovu for the offence of turning his wife into a punching bag was recently brought before Bulawayo magistrate Mt Tawanda Muchemwa.
He was being charged with physical abuse as defined in section 3 (1) (a) as read with section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act Chapter 5:16.
He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody to 8 December on free bail.
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