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Man sneaks out of bed to rape neighbour’s child

13 years ago | 6612 Views

A sexually starved Lupane man whose wife had failed to satisfy his zest for sex is in trouble after he sneaked out of bed and sought pleasure from a neighbour’s child who had been left under their care for the night.

The man, Steven Ndlovu (33) woke up in the middle of the night and upon realizing that his wife was dead to the world he crept out of their matrimonial bed and joined the 13 year old girl in her blankets.

Ndlovu betrayed trust bestowed on him by his neighbours as he forcibly shared the forbidden fruit with the juvenile and showed no respect to his wife who was sleeping in the same room with them.

Matabeleland North acting police spokesperson Sergeant Eglon Nkala confirmed the heinous incident adding that the alleged rapist is on the run.

“The juvenile had visited her aunt in Khatshana village and unfortunately the aunt had to travel to some place therefore decided to leave the juvenile under the

care of her neighbour Similo who stays with her boyfriend,” he revealed.

When the night came, the couple decided to share the bedroom with the juvenile and little did the ‘woman’ know that she was putting her hubby in a tight situation.

Ndlovu then hatched a plan of enjoying two different fruits in a single night, when his girlfriend had fallen asleep; he decided to join the juvenile in her blankets.

It is alleged that Ndlovu deflowered the juvenile on the night in question and when he had satisfied himself he joined his girlfriend pretending as if nothing had happened.

“The juvenile reported the matter to her aunt but she professed ignorance and took no action. The matter only came to light through the suggestion box and the juvenile confirmed that she was raped by the man sometime in September,” said Sgnt Nkala.

Police are still investigating the matter and the juvenile was referred to hospital for medical examination.

In an unrelated case, two Inyathi men were nabbed for raping their neighbour’s child on different occasions and the matter came to light when they were drunk and boasting of how they had enjoyed having sex with the juvenile.

Fortunately, police officer eaves dropped their conversation and arrested them at the bar.

When the juvenile (15) was interrogated, she narrated her ordeal confirming that these men had raped her on two different occasions.

She said that Edson Jakazi (27) lured her to the bush and forced her to have sex with him. The man paid her R5 and ordered her to keep the matter a secret.

Few days latter, the juvenile was sent to Jabulani Ncube (25) to deliver a certain message and when Ncube was accompanying her, he also forcibly shared the fruit of nature with the juvenile. Ncube bought the juvenile’s silence with a US$2.

“The two men, Jakazi and Ncube were arrested at a beer hall when they were heard sharing their sex escapades with the juvenile,” said Sgnt Nkala.

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